Our Team

Emily Brown 
Director and Nominated Supervisor

It’s great to be leading such a lovely service and great team, delivering wonderful experiences to the children and families of our preschool community.

We are a small centre and proud of it for the closeness of community that it brings. I love the boutique and cosy feel that we have here, making every relationship individual.

Our experienced team are passionate about making every day a delight for your child, taking the time to understand how they tick so that we can find the best way to engage them. We have a wide range of experience in our team to draw upon and the collaboration that comes with this is a real strength in how we approach our programme.

As a teaching director, I maintain a hands-on involvement with each of the classes by directly taking either of the Bee or the Ladybug groups when opportunity arises. You are more than welcome at anytime to drop by to discuss anything regarding your child or just to say hi. I am always available to hear from you and share ideas so that we can effectively work in partnership in encouraging in your child’s confidence, resilience and above all happiness.

How we go about all of this is what contributes to being among the most sought after preschool in our local area. I look forward to meeting you soon.

  If you are interested in becoming part of our team as a casual, part or full time, please email your cover letter and CV to mtcolah@kinderacademy.com.au