Our Philosophy

Mt Colah Alphabet Academy is a warm, caring and family oriented centre that is committed to offering the highest quality of care in our area. It is a safe place, where the comfort of a homely environment is supported by Educators who have a heart for children and their early development - “Caring Hearts, Growing Minds”

We believe that children:

  • are individuals who learn in their own way and should be given time to grow, to try, to reflect, to explore and to follow individual interests and needs at their own pace in line with the principles and practice of the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • learn through play and that this is the basis through which all learning takes place.
  • are active seekers of knowledge with a natural curiosity to learn about their surroundings, wherein each and every experience ultimately contribute toward the person they become.
  • that all children have a contribution to make in the centre, with their peers and to their world.
  • that the interests of the children provide a natural guide to how we direct the activities of the preschool.

We believe that Educators: 

  • are most effective in nurturing and educating children by valuing and respecting them individually; exploring their potential, building confidence and developing resilience.
  • support families in the caring and rearing of their children and that families are the primary and most important shapers and influencers in a child’s life.
  • will encourage partnerships with families which are respectful of differences and support open, honest and positive communication.
  • should inform children about the value of all cultures, including Australian aboriginal culture and heritage in a relevant, respectful and non-tokenistic way.
  • benefit from ongoing professional development that support their role and effectiveness as facilitators of learning for the benefit of each child.

We believe that the environment and community:

  • contribute to a child’s sense of connection with their world and their place in it.
  • promote a sense of warmth and belonging which fosters each child’s self-confidence, social and emotional skills and encourages learning.
  • provide opportunities to be hands on, experiencing the wonder of nature and encouraging children to be sustainable and environmentally aware.
  • provide context to the learning environment which is enhanced through cultural diversity, and that sharing language, skills, ideas and attitudes promote positivity, acceptance and respect for all people.
  • that our environment must be flexible, healthy, safe and secure.

Reviewed October 2020

Sources:  Early Years Learning Framework – Belonging, Being, Becoming, July 2009 www.deewr.gov/earlychildhood
National Quality Standard for Early Childhood Education and Care / www.acecqa.gov.au