We deliver our program through two groups to ensure the most effective activities are delivered to engage young minds: our Ladybugs (2-3years) and Bees (3-5 years)

Each day, our activities and anecdotes are recorded so you can always know what you child has been engaged in. This is available through an on-line program, called “Educa”, and you can access it from home or on your mobile 24/7. By the end of the year, you can choose to compile this into a booklet or keep it online as a lovely “keep sake”, documenting how they have grown through the year.

Most of our daily activities are developed based on what has been exciting the children's interest at home. Whether this is about tadpoles, going on holidays, new siblings, or going to the shops, you can expect that during the course of a year something that your child has experienced will form the basis of the activities the whole class does. Through these activities we teach children concepts of science, maths, socialisation and language skills.